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Save the Date Postcard, Save-the-Date Card, Calendar, Save our Date Invite, Photo, DIY Printable, Digital File

Planning a wedding takes a lot of hard work. One of the most difficult decisions a bride has to make is on the choice of gown she would wear on the most special day of her life. Of the many options made available, choosing the most perfect gown to walk the aisle with makes it much a harder choice. No matter what newer trends are introduced to brides of today, lace still dominates the wedding fashion. The intricate designs of lace makes any bride captivating and elegant looking. Incorporating vintage style to your wedding could be a fabulous idea. A vintage lace wedding gown might be what you need if you're looking for a unique yet romantic element to the occasion. The handwork, patterns and designs of the past holds special memories that could make any wedding special and full of glamor.

When talking about vintage bridal gowns, women think about rummaging your family attic or going through your grandma's closet. Sure it is a good place to start and would even save you money. But there are many places nowadays that specializes on vintage collection. It may take a little time driving to those places, but the timeless beauty you are envisioning for that once in a lifetime affair is a lot worth it. In case you've forgotten, the internet is a good place to find almost everything you need. A little research would yield you hundreds of options of vintage gowns to explore with. The prices are amazing too. Looking it up on the internet would show how this trend is made affordable for brides.

Apart from wanting to inject a little history to their wedding theme, the practicality makes many brides love the idea of ​​going vintage. With a little repair job to get the right fit and careful inspection for any damages, and your gown is ready to go. Taking it to an experienced seamstress might even work wonders for it. With it, your wedding will be a memorable one. Not just as a theme or for the uniqueness, but for the love of it, and the sentiment. Adding the sophisticated touch of lace wedding gowns inspired by designs of the past eras is perfect to set the mood of today's modern wedding. Top it off with extra touches of vintage accessories to complete the look. Your vintage wedding will be a beautiful way to honor the past in a fresh, modern and romantic fashion.