The simplest (pump) pants ever

A free sewing pattern to sew a super-easy baby bloomers made of muslin – as upcycling

Style chic dress-up with all the latest bohemian trends, from geometric prints to shabby chic broken skirts, they're all there! Lots of new arrivals that add to the style expression and many small details and extras such as funky grind beads, tassel necklaces and elegant earrings. Two layers of reverse shawls that can be worn in as many different ways as each show a different print as a new dress each time it is worn.

Wonderful vintage patchwork shirts, boho chic ethnic styles, you already have the fashion bases down with medieval style skirts and renaissance shaped dresses. Couple with ballet flats, a white embroidered tunic, ankle boots and lots of pearls and bracelets. Hand embroidered shirts, sari harem pants, hey low dresses with checkered bust and wonderful prints make some pieces a real wardrobe.

It took me a very long time to figure out my wardrobe to go from okay to amazing by building around some important pieces. Mix and match skirts and dresses to create an outfit that is stunning, stylish and unique to your fashion statement.

My style is a mix of street style, urban chic fashion, but if you are more preppy, grungy, hipster or California cool these can be customized accordingly. Every girl needs an amazing, long fluttering Renaissance style feminine dress for goddess made of soft embroidered rayon fabrics in muted colors or dark jewel tones. Hello low dress with spaghetti straps, add a fitted cardigan and sandals, beautifully feminine and lush creations complete the statement.

Long gothic style deferred skirts with a cropped top, ankle boots and a cross-body bag, add a scarf and chakra ground for a city chic urban fashionista statement. Patterned harem pants and a plain tunic look fantastic with a tough denim jacket. Dress up loose-cut harem pants with a tank top and a cropped weather-beaten leather jacket. Smocked waist harem pants can sit low on the hips and show off your belly button or wear high with a crop top.

Pronounced necklaces can add drama for a cool and elegant look. Bold pearls and old silver jewelery add to the bohemian edge. Try to wear one with a simple comrade shirt and high-printed mandala harem pants. Dress them up to see sophisticated boho chic or grunge it down to see urban hippie chic with accessories like scarves and loose shirts. Bohemian clothing is simple, comfortable and can be mixed with a variety of styles.