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While it may be true that playing golf involves investing a significant amount of money, there are still ways in which a golfer can refrain from spending more than they need. Buying golf equipment may not be as expensive as one would expect if he knows how to choose. This article gives the player some ways on how he can play golf while saving through the purchase and use of certain golf equipment.

1. Golf suit can be twice as casual business suit

All players must bring golf clothes if they want to play. This is a common rule that is strictly implemented by courses all over the world. However, this does not mean that a person should go out of their way to buy a complete set of golf clothes. What he could do is look in the wardrobe for casual business suits. This is because these two clothes are practically the same. Golf allows a player to play in a clean collar polo shirt and black slacks. He could finish the suit with a pair of rubber shoes. A player should remember that whatever outfit he chooses, he should look organized and clean.

2. There is a reason golf shops offer club assembly

A golf club is probably the most expensive golf equipment available. A player should therefore carefully consider his choices when choosing golf clubs. To help him decide, he could go to a golf equipment store and ask the seller there for a golf club that fits. Customizing a club means matching the golf club with the player's height, weight and position. Mounting is best done when a player is aware of his own swing speed and driving preference.

3. Golf cars are fun but not required

It is very tempting to rent a golf cart. The wagon looks fun to drive and shows a certain degree of sophistication and wealth. Still, a player should not be tempted by it unless he really needs one. If he can, he might consider walking along the golf course. This would not only save him money by not renting out, but he could also buy a cheaper type of bag that matches his travel preferences. For players who like to walk, there is a badge signed to be carried around the golf course. These are called caddy bags; they are very light and practical to carry.

For players who like to walk but who do not like to carry anything, they can consider the bag bags. These caddy bags are attached to a two-wheeled cart.

In general, to make the bags last longer, a golfer should not let them stay under the sun for so long. After playing, he should store it in a relatively cool and dry place. This is to prevent the nylon in the bag from becoming frightened and brittle, which is the case under direct sunlight.

4. Golf balls can help save money

A player would eventually buy golf balls during his time playing golf. That's because it's easy to lose a golf ball on the course. A worn ball also shows diminishing performance. While a single ball may not be as expensive as the rest of golf equipment, the accumulated investment for golf balls can still be astonishingly high.

A person may consider buying Mark-outs. These balls did not meet the manufacturing company's quality control standards, but passed the tests and approval set by the golf governing bodies. These balls were found in retail and discount stores. They are unlabeled because companies do not want to sell these under the brand. A good thing about these balls is that they do not show any significant decrease in performance and that they work as well as the normal golf ball.