30 Easy DIY Summer Fashion Ideas With Step by Step Tutorials

30 Easy DIY Summer Fashion Ideas With Step by Step Tutorials

Want to create a different look every day with your usual everyday clothes? Dupattas can help you create a unique style statement. While a well-matched and well-designed dupatta can complement your traditional look, dupes are now used by women to create a new look with western clothing such as jeans, skirts, etc. Go ahead and add different types of dupats to your everyday clothes and stand out from the crowd every day.

If you are a fan of dupets or would like to create a personal style with dupets, the dupes below are a must for your wardrobe.

Printed Dupatta: An Ultimate Must!
Tired of your usual everyday look and want to experiment with something else? Adding a printed dupatta to your regular pair of short leggings or even a jeans and a regular top will take your regular everyday look to a whole new level. A printed dupatta never goes out of fashion. Printed dupads are available in different prints and colors. Choosing prints of pinks, blues and greens fits well with any outfit. When you select prints of dupats that resemble your clothes will help you create a perfect ethnic look, a printed dupatta can never go wrong with a regular outfit and will only complete your regular look by combining it with beautiful prints. If you are heading to a party with your favorite black top, wrap a printed dupatta around your top in your own style and create a modern yet modern look. To create an elegant yet elegant look, pair your printed dupatta with legs or churids or even your usual long skirt. You can either tie a loose knot around your neck when pairing it with western clothing or simply pin it to the side of your kurta when wearing it with an Indian costume.

Floral Print: Flower all day!
Floral print gives you an elegant and feminine look. Floral print can go well with your patial and cure and make you look elegant. If you want a bold look, choose large bold dupats with flowers and if you want to show off your soft side, then go for small floral prints. Floral prints are available in a variety of colors from the bold black color to the subtle pink. Choose a floral dupatta from versatile and interesting shades and prints and you will definitely be able to pair it with the number of clothes. Pair your floral dupets with your western wear by wrapping them around your neck and tying a bow or you can simply wear it as a scarf or simply complete your beach look by crossing your floral dupatta in front and tying it from behind.

Cotton Printed Dupats: Beat the Heat!
Cotton printed dupats are available in number of prints and can add charisma to your outfit. Cotton printed dupats are best for summers. Mix and match your leggings and shorts with contrasting shades of dupats to create a magical look and get a lot of attention whether you are working or going on a date. Cotton-crushed dupats with crushed effect give you a soft and sophisticated look. Pair it with your favorite mojaris and get a perfect ethnic-chic look.

Multicolored Printed Dupats: Play with Colors!
Want to add many colors to your clothes and add life to a monochromatic outfit? Get multicolored dupats and shine in your ethnic clothing or the perfect Indo-West. A multicolored printed dupatta will enhance a plain white look and if you pair it with a multicolored bracelet or earrings you can create an amazing and wonderful look. And if you are not someone who loves white, pair your black leggings with a dark shaded light plain shade such as pink, peacock blue and add a light colored multicolor kitten and you are good to go. All contrasting multi-colored band hi-dupattas will go well with a regular kurt or salwar kameez.

Silk Dupatta: Create an Ethnic but Modern Style!
Silk dolls are available in different types from Chanderi silk doll to Bhagalpur silk doll. If you have a party wearing salwar kameez, but don't like the dupatta, pair it with a matching multicolored dupatta to get the stunning yet classy look. Increase the brightness of your already bright Fridays by pairing silk dupattas with solid red tunic with black or dark blue colored jeans. You can also create a new new look by pairing printed such dupatta with dhoti pants, kolhapuri chappals and a multicolored lift bag.