25+ cute and awesome acrylic nails design ideas for 2019 7 – #25ideas #Acrylic #…

25+ cute and awesome acrylic nails design ideas for 2019 7 – #25ideas #Acrylic #Awesome #Cute #Design

Instead of focusing only on the eyes, hair or skin, the modern generation ladies are more willing to have a mark of sophistication on the other body parts now. Thus, ignorance of the nail has ended and the nails have become one of the most important parts to flatter the elegance and class.

The time for the regular nail polishes has passed and there are various new and new ways that are followed by the stylists as the fashion trend goes on. The newest spring in the crown is SNS powder gel nails. It has been widely accepted that nails are one of the most important ways to flag your style and taste; many of the techniques have been included in the paragraph. Unlike the others, SNS happened in principle to be an organic and nutritious substitute for gels and acrylics.

How is it used?

SNS powder gel would be applied to your real nails by the pros no matter how long or short the nails are and it would be coated on top of the nails clearly. Then these are thrown into the colored powders twice. Finally, your nails would be stored and leveled before being sealed with the gel coats. The end result lasts for two weeks with the amazing look, the unimaginable brilliance and no elevators. But the care you take for your nails can make a difference. Proper care can also extend the time from 2 weeks to 3 weeks.

There are some pros and cons to everything you will join. If you think about these points, you can make a difference if you can find out how it can be helpful to you and what is your actual need. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of the technology.


Most of the consumer's complaints are generally based on the time all the nailing technology takes when they are dried. In this case it only takes two minutes and it also without light.

If you get a feeling of having an unwanted artificial thing on your body part, it feels really vulnerable. SNS will make a thin layer on the nails to give you a generic feel.

Minimum throwing of your actual nail can give a taste of the technology.

The most important thing that is found in cosmetics is so rare is health. Whether SNS has vitamin E and calcium mixed in the powder that cures your nails.


The SNS powder gel nails are comparatively more expensive than the other technologies on the market. But if you think the cost is worth it, it shouldn't be a problem for you.

The procedure that SNS takes is more time-consuming than the rest.

Sometimes it is hardly said how the color actually becomes. But it does not make such big problems.

Knowing everything about a product to buy is the smartest decision for you. Hopefully, the description above can give you a true idea of ​​how it will proceed.