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Freestanding Bathroom Furniture Cabinets Bathroom Furniture Suites Gray Bathroom Storage Gray Bathroom Furniture #Bed

First step in a small bathroom remodeling process is to measure the dimensions of the bathroom accurately. Then draw the dimensions in a square graph to a perfect scale which suits your further work. Now it is time for creativity. Impart all your creative designs which you want to have in your new bathroom in the graph. But before hand you must draw the outline of the bathroom in a separate sheet of graph to the same scale used already in your previous graph.

Now in that outline you figure where you can attach all your new designs, these designs includes bath tubs of suitable size, shower cubicles, hangers, wash basin, taps etc. You can draw the sketches of these things by getting advice from a professional like a civil engineer. Make sure that your sketches are well within the outline of the bathroom you have already drawn.

The above given idea is just an over view of a small bathroom remodeling project. If you think it is too costly to change the whole bathroom, you can follow the tips given below for increasing the space in your bathroom if you think it is not that much spacious.

Always try to have your water heater or radiator as high as possible in the wall. Because of you locate your water heater at a slightly higher altitude you can have more space for accommodating other accessories like an additional sink and more over the bathroom will look more spacious.

Always choose a toilet that can be placed as close to the wall as possible, or redesign the layout to accommodate the toilet as near to the wall. Because placing a toilet at the middle of the bathroom will definitely compress the space available.