45 Bathroom Cabinet Ideas 2019 (That Overflow With Style)

Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

Having a small bathroom can have a number of disadvantages. A bathroom should be a place of leisure and relaxation at bathing or shower time, but for those of us who prefer space to confinement, it may not be easy to relax for long in a small room. Another problem is that of storage.

Being short of bathroom storage space can be quite an inconvenience in itself, as you probably have no room for a bathroom linen cabinet. Such a linen cabinet could have been used to keep handy towels, robes and other items you regularly use in the bathroom.

Then there are all the bathroom sundries that you use all the time, such as soaps, shampoos and other personal care items. If you have little space to store these, then they create a clutter which means even less likelihood of being able to relax as deeply as you would like.

For a small bathroom, one of the best storage ideas is the use of over the toilet shelves and cabinets. If such an over toilet shelving system is well designed, it can contribute a great deal to bathroom storage. Not only that, it uses space that otherwise is wasted, so such over the toilet shelves and cabinets are perfect for the small bathroom. That is not to say you cannot use them in a large bathroom, you can.

If you want to have over toilet storage, then take care to look around at what is available. There are some really elegant cabinets and shelves on the market which are designed to fit over the toilet. It is simply a matter of finding one that that matches your bathroom decor, whether planned or already installed, and which comes within your budget.

Over the toilet shelving comes in all shapes, sizes and designs, the one thing they have in common is that they all straddle the toilet or are separately fixed above it. You may opt for just shelves, a rack with shelves and cabinet, or simply an enclosed cabinet. The all important thing is, not to waste that space.