23 great interior design ideas for small spaces

Small room, small apartment? Place is in the smallest booth!

When it comes to the décor of bathrooms, the bathroom vanity cabinets used can either make or break the image of it. Generally for the master bed rooms, the vanity cabinets are used to add a bit of classy and trendy look. Thus making it more rich in outlook, comfy is use and more functional.

Vanity cabinets are categorized in to two main designs, namely; freestanding and built-in. If space is the issue and you can not allot more space for them, then you need to settle down with the freestanding style. These are not mounted or fixed to the walls. If you want a modern outlook, then you need to go with it.

The built in vanity cabinets consist of a fixed base unit beneath the sink. These come in handy if you need to set your stuff in a tidy manner. To have a spick and span look, you can go for this option. It will provide you with plenty of space to hoard your stuff in. Generally these base units are made up of wood. Mahogany, cherry, oak and walnut are the popular choices for the wood selection. You choose one according to your taste. Before you move on and finalize one, be sure that you have carefully measured the space available for it in your bathroom. You should take care of the fact that after placing it, you bathroom shouldn't be having a congested look.

The countertops of these cabinets are made from various materials like stone, ceramic, wood, concrete or other materials. All have their good points. Stone looks very pretty but can go a bit on expensive side. Though it's highly reliable but can be stained easily. Ceramics are often seen in use due to their reliability. Similarly other materials have their issues, you need to choose one that suits and fits your bathroom flooring and tiling. Before buying one, you need to consider few things. The space it is going to consume and the number of people who would use it because then you might need to think for double sink option.

These are available in several styles like traditional that are inspired by far Europe. The designs used for British colonial and French fall under the traditional category. The modern designs are pretty simple and are not fancily detailed or worked upon. Shaker designs are popular for their emphasis on the functionality and ease of use. Lastly cottage inspired designs are also very comfy and good to eyes.

Bathroom vanity cabinets are available in huge variety and collection. You can easily find one for your need and taste. But you just need to work on the details to enjoy the ease and functionality later on till years.