122+ best bathroom remodel ideas on a budget that will inspire you – page 31 | H…

122+ best bathroom remodel ideas on a budget that will inspire you – page 31 | Home Inc

Custom home décor is becoming very popular these days. No matter where you look, everything seems to have a custom design or touch added to it - from custom windows, homes, countertops, cabinets, cars, shoes, clothing, jewelry .... you name it and you can get it custom made somewhere. With the wider availability of products brought to us by the internet, consumers expect more; they want choices and they want unique products and custom textile companies are here to heed the call.

Shower curtains are a necessity in many custom designed bathrooms. Typically, when thinking of shower curtains we normally think of the function of the curtain-to keep water inside the shower and off the floor. Limiting our thinking to this degree can make us miss out on the countless design opportunities that shower curtains afford.

In a bathroom with a shower curtain, that curtain will often be the focal point of the room. In order to capitalize on this and make the most of it, think of the shower curtain in the same way you would your living room drapes. Custom fabric shower curtains (much like custom drapes) are a popular choice that give your bathroom a rich designer look. These shower curtains can be custom made for extra wide or extra long spaces and beautiful upscale decorative fabrics from all the leading textile mills, such as Waverly, Braemore and Swavelle Mill Creek, can be used to create them.

When designing your custom fabric shower curtain, there are many options for individual touches that make the design your own. You can replace button holes with grommets for a modern decorative look, sew the curtains as panels with tiebacks or with a custom valance to coordinate, or you can make them with a rod pocket instead of buttonholes to slide directly on your tension rod.

Custom shower curtains from companies like Fashion Window Treatments are also the easiest way to give your bathroom a whole new look. When you are ready for your bathroom makeover simply start by deciding on a shower curtain. There are so many beautiful fabric choices that a unique bathroom is inevitable. You won't find shower curtains in any department store made with the fabrics that are available to you when buying custom made shower curtains. To further cement your new style, you can have matching window valances and bedding made in the same material to create a unified look throughout your home.

And for those finishing touches that help to accessorize your bathroom, you need look no further than your local mall. Finding bathroom accessories and towels to match your custom shower curtains is easy. With all the different colors of towels and styles of bathroom accessories available, it's harder to narrow down your choices than ever before.